Filipina In A Southern Kitchen

Mia holding a beet pasta sheet
Mia Estolano-Levert

Hi! I’m Mia Estolano-Levert. The recipes you’ll find here are heavily inspired by my Philippine heritage, my new home here in Prairieville, Louisiana, the people I meet and the places I traveled.  

Filipina Meets the South

I was born and raised in the Philippines and I love to eat, travel and cook. I was in the middle of an organic farming volunteer program in the US when I met Mike (now my husband). Our first date was during the Mardi Gras of 2016 and  11 months later, we were engaged. I uprooted and moved to Louisiana in 2017.  I married my Southern gentleman soulmate. Read more of our story in this article.

I lived a very fast-paced life as an event organizer back in Manila. When I moved here, I knew I really wanted a slow lifestyle. And so here I am, snugly fit into the kitchen creating giant messes and making wonderful food. 

What I Cook

I get my cooking inspirations from Philippine heritage, my new home here in Prairieville, Louisiana, the people I meet and the places I traveled.  The recipes you’ll find here are my Filipino favorites, food my mom makes, the dishes that just speak of home.

Currently, I live in a place where there’s a scarcity, of Filipino restaurants or stores, and so I have to recreate all the dishes I crave. 

My home here in Louisiana is an ample source of cooking inspiration: the Southern cuisine, new ingredients, and my mom-in-law who is a wealth of Creole and Cajun cooking information. Of course I get to learn and cook this regional American cuisine, and infuse a bit of toy own touch. 

My travels enormously impacted my life. Consequently, I was exposed to different people, food cultures, ingredients, dishes and lifestyle. I will be sharing those with you as well. 

I make do with the available ingredients. This is the way I cook. Sometimes, I would make something from scratch because it is the healthier version. Or do it the traditional way just to experience it. I would sometimes modify cooking methods just to make homecooked meals a better experience.

What I Blog

I would love to share with you the Filipino food culture that I know and grew up with. With my travels and recent move here, I noticed how different yet distinctively similar we are in our ways of cooking and eating.

There’s so much to learn and contribute and I would love to be a part of these food conversations. The blog will be a great channel to talk about these observations.

The plan is to share a few meaningful recipes and food conversations a month.

So, this is still a work in progress so thank you in advance for your patience while I deal with the technical requirements of a blog.  If this is your first time, I suggest you read this post on navigating the site.  Thank you for stopping by!

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