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A Guide To This Food Blog

A Guide to This Food Blog
Be With Mia: A Guide to This Food Blog

Hello and welcome to the unofficial first blog post. I recommend you reading this on its entirety. This is a practical guide to this food blog to manage your expectations and have an overview of what Be With Mia and its contents is all about. 

This food blog has been on the back burner for a while. I am so tired of saying “My website will be up soon!”  But now I made this a priority this season. And I’m so proud of myself even though this is still a work-in-progress.

For now, I have here three main headings on the menu: RECIPES, BLOG and MEET MIA.


The site is based on my woes and pain points on looking for recipes online. I hear you on the long narratives before a recipe. I try to keep the words at a minimum requirement. You will find that the lengthy posts contain cooking tips and techniques to better your execution with the recipe.  

I always try to give a brief background on the recipe, historical references or cultural juxtaposition. And then I proceed with the recipe. 

There is an index of recipes for your convenience. They are catalogued as course meals or according to cultural cuisine- for now it’s just Filipino and Southern. It will build as I add more recipes. You can also use the search bar to look for dishes according to essential ingredients. 


A Practical Guide on Reading Recipes

Read the recipes from beginning to end so you can assess and mentally prep yourself with the length or complications of the procedure. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out that the recipe calls for an overnight marinade and you want your meal for lunch.

Measure then cut OR cut up and measure. There is a substantial difference between 1 (one) cup chopped onions and 1 (one) onion, chopped.

sample ingredient list: difference between measured ingredients before cut, or measured cut ingredients
Guide to Food BlogSample Ingredients list

1 cup chopped onion: First, chop the onions. THEN measure one cup.

1 onion, chopped. Chop one whole onion. The beauty of this option is that you can adjust the amount in your food, it’s not too restrictive. Be on the look out for the size indicated in the recipe.

Prepare to substitute. Do not be disheartened if you are missing an ingredient. Substitute and adjust to the nearest and most sensible replacement. If possible, I put ingredient substitutes in the cook’s notes at the bottom of the recipe. Do not sweat the small stuff. 

The ingredients are listed in the order of which it is cooked. It is organized for your convenience. 

If you find recipes lengthy, it’s because there are thorough discussion of the procedure and sensory cues – Feel the texture, is it too thick? See if it’s getting too dry, listen to the sizzle. Smell the spices toasting. And of course, taste and adjust according to your liking. I cannot stress this enough. 

Practical Advice on Cooking

Make the recipe your own. I cannot guarantee that the dish will be to your liking because taste is very personal. Taste and adjust spices, texture, cooking and resting time etc. to your liking. Make a better version of my recipe to suit your palate.

Even if you try to follow the recipe, we will not have the same outcome. You and I have different cooking vessels, stovetop, oven strength, room temperature.  This is why I made sure that I have visual and other sensory cues to guide you. 

To become a more confident homecook, practice relying on your senses with recipes as your guide. The more you cook, the more you develop your cooking common sense.


I designated a space just for blog posts. Contents for this can be an extensive discussion about a dish, a food observation that I find interesting, or an ingredient that I may be obsessing about.  OR simply a helpful narrative of a cooking experience. This is where you can find those lengthy posts…yes away from the recipes!

Being away from my birth country piqued my interest in the Philippine culinary history. Its dishes and how it varies from region to region. And of course, its relationship to the world. This food blog is the befitting avenue to be thorough about questions, speculations, ideas and realizations. 


Obviously a little background on how and why I started the blog.

At the bottom is a CONTACT Page if you need to get in touch with me.

I am doing everything right now. So please be patient with me. I promise you there will be continuous improvements.  And, I would love to hear your suggestions and consider them as long as it is apt to the blog. 

Please bear with me while I start with 10 recipes for now. I will add my favorite recipes weekly. So please make sure to stop by. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you make frequent visits. 

Friendly Reminders: Recipes are meant to be guides. My recipes will take you almost there, if not there. Use your senses in cooking. The more you cook, the more you develop your common cooking sense.

Let us connect!

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and working my way on YouTubePinterest.

Use #BeWithMia if you replicated recipe or the post inspired you.

I love to hear from you. 





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